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GIS Consulting for Navigant Consulting, Inc.

Team Members: Meyer Ecomapping and RP Geospatial

Description: Navigant Consulting Inc., a publicly-traded engineering consulting firm, has an office in Rancho Cordova that provides consulting services to the energy industry. For the past several years, Tukman Geospatial has served as Navigant’s GIS shop. Tukman Geospatial set up and configured the GIS hardware at Navigant, assembled a library of energy and environmental GIS data layers for use in projects, and trained staff in basic GIS.

As part of its work for Navigant, Tukman Geospatial developed effective ways to distribute maps and other GIS work products to non-GIS users. Tukman Geospatial developed three Microsoft SharePoint Sites for this purpose. These sites provide a single point of distribution for project maps and other GIS tabular data projects produced by the Tukman Geospatial team.

As GIS contractor for Navigant, Tukman Geospatial provides GIS support to the Transmission Agency of California (TANC). TANC was planning a new power line that was slated to run from Northeastern California to the central valley. Working with transmission engineers, Tukman Geospatial provided the GIS analysis and cartography for the routing of this proposed line. This project included GIS analysis of dozens of GIS layers, including environmental layers, biological layers, transportation, and land ownership. Route changes were made in collaborative group meetings with transmission engineers and environmental planners. After each iteration of route changes was completed, Tukman Geospatial produced a series of detailed maps as well as a number of reports showing line metrics (for example, number of land parcels crossed and the name of owners effected). For the TANC project, Tukman Geospatial programmed a tool that automatically produced a detailed list of the impacts of each proposed transmission route (number of and type of sensitive areas crossed, roads, crossed, streams crossed, etc.). Tukman Geospatial also created data for the TANC project, including a orchards layer, which represented all orchards within 1000 feet of the proposed transmission line right of way.

As GIS contractor for Navigant, Tukman Geospatial provided GIS support for the California-Oregon Transmission Agency (COTP). For this project Tukman Geospatial created TIMS (Transmission Information Management System), a .NET-based web application that provides non-GIS users with access to COTP maps and data.