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Who We Are

Mark Tukman

After getting his masters in Environmental Management from Duke University in 1995, Mark started his career in GIS working for Dr. Eric S. Kasischke at the Environmental Research Institute of Michigan (ERIM) in Ann Arbor, MI. As part of a grant from the National Science Foundation to study global warming, Dr. Kasischke was using satellite images to map fire scars in the world’s arctic zone.

After one year at ERIM, Mark went to work for a California-based company that was pioneering the use of remote sensing and GIS to map forest land. Pacific Meridian Resource’s visionary founder Kass Green recognized an opportunity to take an academic tool scientists had been experimenting with and apply it to forestry as a production mapping tool. Pacific Meridian was acquired by Space Imaging in the spring of 2000. Mark spent 5 years working for Pacific Meridian/Space Imaging and he managed a number of large land cover mapping projects.

Mark founded Tukman Geospatial in 2003.


Kass Green and Associates

Kass Green & Associates specializes in GIS and remote sensing technology transfer, strategic planning, and the semi-automated classification of high resolution imagery.

Tukman Geospatial provides GIS and remote sensing services for Kass Green and Associates.

Meyer Ecomapping

Meyer Ecomapping is owned and operated by Tiffany Meyer. Meyer Ecomapping specializes in using GIS and remote sensing to create land cover and vegetation maps.

Tukman Geospatial has teamed with Meyer Ecomapping on numerous projects over the past six years.


RPGeoSpatial is the company name for the geospatial and GIS services offered by the independent consultant Robert Pedersen. Robert has over 20 years experience working in information technology with the last several years specifically focused on geospatial technology services. Geospatial services offered include, but are not limited to:

  • geo-database design
  • remote sensing and photo-interpretation
  • data acquisition, creation, and conversion
  • geospatial analysis and geospatial statistics
  • cartography
  • process automation and scripting

RP Geospatial provides GIS and remote sensing analysis for Tukman Geospatial.


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